Rock This Bitch

Many years ago, on March 2 2002 at the Vic Theatre in Chicago, some random fool managed to immortalise himself on a Ben Fold’s record by shouting “Rock this Bitch” during a live concert recording. Ben took this instruction to heart and improvised a song, which later appeared on “Ben Folds Live”. Since that day, it has become tradition for concertgoers at his concerts to yell “Rock this Bitch” and force an impromptu, improvised rendition. When Ben Folds Five performed in Fremantle, Western Australia, on 14 November 2012, this was the result:

Free- Fre-mantle Why is it Free? Gotta pay for your Mantles anywhere else

Free- Fre-mantle Costs a pretty penny Where I come from

I took a walk Ont he High St Seperated by a Chines Massage

And a tent They closed at 4:30 I needed coffee so iw ent to a place called Gino’s.

Where I found out How call it is To be Italian

Free- Freemantle It’s not free Anywhere else but it is

‘Cos where I come from A little town called free-beer. Get it Free Beer haha Free Beer haha

Rocking this bitch Rocking this bitch In Freo

Rocking this bitch Rocking this bitch In Freo, In Freo

We are rocking this bitch With distortion Coming from Sledge Woah Slege, play some distorted shit.

All his notes Are pure They are square waves And they’re yours

Cos you fucking paid for them And I’ll tell you this much You got a lot of sledge for your money

Each note he plays lowers the costs of the fucking notes.

Drum Circle With Jim Bayes And Happy Sack?

And a meal From the Harikrishna girls Out of the streets Of Free-mantle

Rock this bitch in Fremantle Rock this bitch in Fremantle Rock this bitch in Freo Freo Freo Freo

Rock this concert is oh not free-o It is cost-o, cost-o, cost-o But you get lots of notes for your money

Now we’ll show you dynamics I’ll go from Piano to mezzo-piano To mezzo-forte To forte Double forte Triple forte